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The pep talk you needed for your Immune System

1. Don't self prescribe supplements

I will continue to be an advocate for this. We are our own worst doctors. Self diagnosing and self prescribing because Dr. Google said it would help is not the way you want to improve your health.

You would be doing your immune system a disservice by taking this approach.

If you really want to enhance your immunity, firstly begin to look what you are putting into your mouth or perhaps even look at what you are NOT putting into your mouth (vegetables, water, fruit, fibre..)!? Our bodies do not survive off 'medications', we are made from what we eat.

Am I condoning you to reject your own relationship with your body? Absolutely not.

Panic, fear and hearsay is what drives the majority of self prescribing, rather than an intuitive and reflective relationship with your body to know what it's needs are. In my clinical expertise, not many people have this ability to do this. It requires opportunity, access and expansion consciousness. At the end of the day no one is perfect and that's why don't need to walk this alone.

My go to advice is work with a professional to build a healthy relationship with your body and learn how to listen to it's every changing and fluid needs. A health practitioner also has a) an objective viewpoint b) the correct skills and knowledge to diagnose and not to mention the fact that herbs and supplements are DRUGS too and are equally as important for dosage and prescription, as the pharmaceutical medication you get at the pharmacy.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

When you keep your mind, thoughts and scenery repetitive and rigid, not only is it a boring way to live but you dull

your brain. And what has the brain got to do with your IMMUNE SYSTEM ...... EVERYTHING.

Your brain was designed to experience NEW incoming information. When we keep ourselves narrow minded we inhibit our cognitive growth and our mental awareness. Our brain is the driver of the autonomic processes in the body and thus is crucial for immunity.

The state of your Immune system is determined by your perception of your surroundings: the weather, the climate, safety and threats.

By keeping your mind safe and narrow, you don't allow your brain to adapt and grow thus your immunity struggles to adapt too. When you are overstimulated with stressors and a bias perception, you lower the function of your immunity.

Usually what happens is that we start feeling uncomfortable in the comfort and our innate animal brain tells us to stay in this place.

My advice is ..... DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE to create comfort.

By creating a novelty experience, being open to different opinions, surrounding or connecting with different people, visiting somewhere you have never been before... it expands your ability to adapt, grow and evolve. With that you find comfort in your ability to change and grow.

Life isn't going to keep staying the same for you... it's going to continue to change and shift and YOU my friend being a human being, are no exception. So do yourself a favour and work with your every growing human body and not against it.

3. Eat seasonally

Just like I explained above in regards to our brain adaptation, utilising food in the climate in which we are living in is just the same here.

When we have an integration between mind- food - body - season our immunity thrives. This is a huge principal in Chinese Medicine nutrition.

Eat warm foods in winter to stay warm, eat cooler foods in summer to stay cool, eat moisturising foods in autumn to avoid dryness and consume bitter and sour foods in spring to avoid dampness. It's simple and you know how? Nature is providing for it's living organisms by allowing fruits and vegetables to grow in the perfect synchronicity of the seasons.

So trot off to your garden or your local farmer's market and start living off the land

4. Get your hands dirty

Disclaimer: This is totally unrelated to COVID hand washing recommendations

I don't just mean get them dirty, I mean get them filthy.

But in all seriousness, your micro-biome which is made up of trillions of bacteria and the more diverse your population of bacteria flora - the healthier your immune system could be. We hold roughly 60% of our immunity in gut lymphoid tissue. A lack of diversity in micro-biome has been linked to allergies, auto-immune disease, IBS and more. This is due to the fact that our gut mucosa is key factor to mediate immune cells known as T cells that work in response to infectious agents.

But back to getting dirty, germs specifically are necessary for our immune system to adapt (again I'm using this word alot!) but not all germs are created equally. So how can we get dirty enough without getting a superbug?

Avoid anti-bacterial soaps: they inhibit our skin immunity and can make us more resistant to antibiotics and other pharmaceutical medication

Eat a variety of fermented and cultured foods

Touch animals, garden in your backyard and exercise outdoors

Hope you enjoyed my pep talk and simple ways to enhance your immunity!

Information Disclaimer The information contained in this blog is for general information purposes only and is not meant to substitute professional advice or treatment. If you have or suspect you may have medical issues which may be affected you should promptly contact your health care provider. Any statements regarding health advice, supplements and nutrition are to be used at your discretion and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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