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Period leakage (part 1)

Story time: I've had a few leakages in my time. I mean haven't we all? Every woman at point or another is thinking

'I hope that didn't go through to my pants' or 'Can you check my backside, have I leaked through?'. My recent period leakage story is pretty hilarious, so I thought why not share all the intimate details with you!?

My period leakage story takes place in my clinic room late last year. To give you a little background context it was a scorching 35degree day, the clinic had the air conditioner blasting and I had decided for once to wear shorts to work (Im usually a pants and leggings kind of gal).

I had a new patient (the patient being a young male) who walked into the treatment room. During the start of the consultation I was sitting in my usual desk chair taking case history, you know doing my job, until suddenly a guest decided to join us.

That guest being my period.

In the blink of an eye I had a warm gush and before you know it I was screaming bloody murder. As a 27 year old female who happens to be a health practitioner with a specialist interest in reproductive health, this didn't worry me one bit. Initially, it was the awkwardness of my male patient witnessing something he potentially had never seen before. My initial thought was to pretend it hadn't happened so as to not distract from the consult, but I mean there was blood stained all over my shorts and all over the chair... it had gone as far as the floor.

15 year old Alana would have been totally ashamed, embarrassed and dumbstruck that I would not have been able to face this human again. But hey, I'm the doc in the situation. I got this.

He got the gist pretty quickly of the situation so I kindly apologised for disrupting his appointment and asked him to sit in reception while I cleaned the room and myself up. My intuition must have been bang on that day because I had miraculously packed spare pants and period undies in my bag that day.

(I don't know who I was before ModiBodi haha)

Once the dust had settled, I went back to my normal duties and we resumed the appointment as per usual. The coolest thing about this experience was that my patient said 'don't ever apologise its normal'. Gosh that's refreshing to hear it from young male.

So it got me thinking. YES. Period leakage is normal. Its inevitable. You know why? Because sometimes biology is uncontrollable. And when SHE wants to come, SHE's COMING. We can be super prepared or totally unprepared (like in my case) and period leakage STILL happens.

It's just part of being a woman sometimes.

Picture credit to: @power_period

Do you have shame about period leakage? I guess it depends on who you talk to. However, as a grown woman I'm so comfortable in my own body that I don't have time to feel shame. I mean I am someone who asks intimate details on the daily like 'what did your poo look like this morning?' or 'how's your sex drive?'. This girl ain't got no filter in the workplace.

But I definitely wasn't always like that. It's taken accepting and appreciating my own unique femininity to get to a level of full ownership.

In part 2 of the period leakage series- I'm going to be discussing why period leakage may be happening frequently to you and what you can do about it.

Alana x

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