Let's talk about ... you guessed it... women's health.

I've been seeing doctors since I was a teenager and often for things that made me feel like I wasn't womanly enough. It started in my late teens when I had to awkwardly sit through a consultation with a male specialist to figure out why I hadn't had m...

Story time: I've had a few leakages in my time. I mean haven't we all? Every woman at point or another is thinking

'I hope that didn't go through to my pants' or 'Can you check my backside, have I leaked through?'. My recent period leakage story is pretty hilarious, so I thought why not share all the...

Blogs are so easy to write when you're experiencing the actual 'thing' you are talking about.

Lately my sleep has been woeful. I'm either getting to sleep way too late, waking up throughout the night, sleeping too little or sleeping too much. 

With our New Moon Anxiety Workshop coming up in less than a...

I was in a big shopping centre (places I now tend to avoid) pre Christmas over two years ago. Although I can’t quite recall why now, I can only assume I was there to go into a specific shop to collect a specific present for a family member. 

Now for a little context, at this stage I hadn’t really begun exp...

It seemed so important to me at the time to pick the perfect chair in the airport to settle in for a six hour layover. I wanted to be at a phone charging station but not too close to anyone else, perfectly central to all the gates so I didn’t have to take a hike when my gate was eventually announced but r...

So maybe you're new to yoga and you aren't sure whether to invest in your own mat? Or you've been wanting to upgrade your mat but don't know where to start? Here's my yoga mat 101.

For me it is undeniable the energy my yoga mat has gathered over the 4+ years I've been practicing on it. It has created a spe...

March 26, 2019

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of those holistic professions that commonly treats patient cases that are chronic in nature. Although it is regarded as a 'medical alternative', because TCM is the only alternative medicine that can treat nearly every condition (except first aid/surgery circumstan...

March 8, 2019

New Moon Wellness Retreats co-founder, Monique Goss, took to her Instagram in the lead up to International Women's Day to address the ever growing conversation of consent. 

After sitting with a questionable consent experience of her own for over a year, Goss described her all too familiar 'booty...

August 1, 2018

The Wrap Up

So as July 2018 comes to a close I now have to reflect on my efforts for my first Plastic Free July. I had absolutely no idea how I would go with avoiding the rubbish bin at all costs but the aim was to at least gain some awareness as to what I need to change to be totally trash free.

So my basi...

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