Inspired by our own accomplishments and inevitable hardships along the way, we have sprouted New Moon Wellness, as a means to support others in their wellbeing journeys. To us, 'Wellness' is an entity of mind, body and spirit.
Through our personal experiences, along with experiences we've observed in our professional environments, we recognise that everyone's journey to better health is unique.
However, when you're ready for change, we believe the path need not be travelled alone. No matter what phase of life you are in, our aim is to create support for you to move through with a little more awareness and ease.

Alana & Monique

Alana and Monique both grew up in Leongatha, a small country town in South Gippsland. Graduating from secondary college together, their friendship blossomed when they both moved to Melbourne to study degrees in health and applied science at RMIT university.


Inevitably ending up in similar career trajectories, the two found themselves astounded by the lack of holistic health therapies, health awareness and wellness networks, available to the area in which they were raised. Alana and Monique have racked up a decent tally of sporting injuries, mental health trials and other afflictions between the two, and at each moment one has stepped up to help the other back to optimal health. Seeing the power of each other's ability (sometimes more than their own), finally they team up to create a unique formula to help others.


Limitless late night visits, chats over lattes and treatment room discussions, brought with it a recognition that they had the power to create change, not only in themselves, but to guide those ready to make the same change, with thoughtfulness and compassion. New Moon Wellness Retreats is born from this philosophy and will continue to transform in the same vain as it's founders do.


Dr Alana Green

Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist and Acupuncturist 


Co-founder of New Moon Wellness Retreats


Alana is a doctor of Chinese Medicine who graduated from RMIT University in a double degree: with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Human Biology/Health Science.

Alana had the privilege to undertake internship studies at the renowned Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing, China in 2015, where she had great experiences in the paediatric, gynaecological and immunology departments. 

Alana was drawn to Chinese Medicine after years of searching for answers for her own auto-immune disease and finding no relief in conventional therapies alone. From her own personal experiences, Alana has gained a reputation for being a relentless practitioner in terms of seeking answers ​for her patients. 

Alana grew up as the eldest of five children in South Gippsland, Victoria. Known as the bossy one, she grew an infinity for nurturing and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves from a young age. 

It was important for her to establish a connection to the place she called home, as growing up she understood that the opportunities for integrative medical practices in South Gippsland, were at a disadvantage. She formerly ran a practice in Leongatha for 3 years, before establishing her renewed business 'Lunar Chinese Medicine' in Diamond Creek, Melbourne in 2019.

When Alana isn't at the clinic, she trains and competes at National Level in Pole Vault.


Dr Monique Goss

Osteopath and Yoga teacher


Co-founder of New Moon Wellness Retreats


Dr Monique Goss is a fully qualified, registered osteopath and yoga teacher. Stemming from her love of competitive dancing and all things movement at a young age, Monique has developed a natural affinity for the human body, behaviour and spirituality. She completed her five year double degree with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Health Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University. Monique has complemented her osteopathic training with myofascial dry needling and cupping qualifications.

In 2016 Monique completed her Vinyasa yoga certification in Melbourne and Bali with Power Living Yoga Australia. She has used her yoga journey to not only enhance her own spiritual journey but to help others on theirs. 

The combination of her studies as an osteopath and yogi have birthed a unique experience for her as a teacher to others. With extensive anatomical knowledge and an ever-growing curiosity for that which can't be explained by text books, Monique offers interesting insights and contemplations in her lessons. Beyond her professional setting, Monique is hugely passionate about a low impact lifestyle constantly striving towards zero waste, zero tox and all other things health and planet. The aim is to continually improve herself to then extend the best service to others.


Monique grew up in South Gippsland, Victoria where she makes regular visits to see her family and the lush, green country side. In her spare time she loves listening to Australian music, going on outdoor adventures and travelling. 

Her passion for health and life is one that translates into every interaction with her clients and students. 

New Moon Wellness

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